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Couples + Families

In its essence life is relationship: our relationship to ourselves, our families, our friends, our colleagues, our environment, our belief system and so on. Our relationships reflect our internal landscape. Usually we find that our relationships are good at times and bad at times. Sometimes they deteriorate no matter how we try to 'fix' them.

Transpersonal couples counselling and family counselling allows us to discover what triggers us in relationship and helps us to discover why we are triggered. Digging deeply into our emotions is often uncomfortable, and sometimes disturbing, and therefore we need tools to help us explore these regions in a safe and non-confrontational manner. At Inner Room Counselling we use Transpersonal tools such as Sandplay and Voice Dialogue to help us to discover how we react and interact in our relationships.


A Sandplay can be created by a couple or a family. It is often surprising and revealing to see which pieces your loved ones choose in response to the pieces that you have put in the tray. The Sandplay will reveal underlying patterns and help you to gain a better understanding of yourself in relationship. Being able to "see" our relational patterns in the sandtray allows our psyche to begin to shift and gives us  something "solid" with which to work.

What to expect...


A couples session runs for 90 minutes

I then meet with each of you for at least one individual session before doing a follow-up couples session. Working with a mixture of couples and individual sessions helps to transform the dynamics of the relationship. 

If you are having relational problems and your partner does not want to attend therapy sessions, do not make that another block in your relationship. It is remarkable the difference that it can make to a relationship if you come and do some work on your relationship. The positive changes that your partner sees in you, and your relationship to them, often shifts their own resistance to attending a session with you or on their own.


Initially I will meet with the parent/s or guardian/s for a session.

This will allow us time to get to know each other and to work out what will best work for the particular difficulties facing your family. Usually a program will include individual sessions and sessions for the whole family or different members of the family together. As with couples, I find that the mixture of joint and individual sessions works very well in helping families to identify and work through particular patterns and behaviours that have become entrenched in their family dynamic.

Programs are specifically designed for your family and for your particular needs.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

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