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"The sand picture which is produced by the child can be understood as a three-dimensional representation of some aspect of his psychic situation. An unconscious problem is played out in the sandbox, just like a drama; the conflict is transposed from the inner world to the outer world and made visible. This game of fantasy influences the dynamics of the unconscious in the child and thus affects his psyche".   - Dora Kalff

Sandplay gives children a powerful tool that allows them to process deep emotions that they otherwise feel unable to express or deal with. Using the figurines that they place in the Sandtray, children can express the stories of their traumatic experiences in a non-confrontational way. They find a freedom within the safe boundaries of the tray to express themselves without fear of wrong doing or judgement.  They gain confidence and a feeling of inner strength as they create a world in the sand, without direction or outside interference. It is marvellous for children to find a means to express and validate their feelings and experiences.

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