Melissa Martiensen  is a qualified counsellor.

Melissa has a Bachelor of Science Degree (Hons), a Professional Diploma in Transpersonal Psychology (Applied) and an Advanced Diploma in Sandplay Therapy.  


About me ...

My lifelong interest in psychology, theology, self-development, spirituality and the natural world, led me to my vocation. Reading Rumi and learning yoga in my school years; doing courses such as Werner Erhard Training (EST) in the early 80's; studying ancient religions and mythologies; having a long term meditation practice of my own, and needing to work through my own issues have created a solid base for my practice. 

I love what I do and feel honoured to be of service to people, to support them through their difficulties and to help them discover their authentic Self.

I grew up in Sydney and have travelled extensively throughout the Americas, the UK, Asia and Europe. I have lived in various regions around the Australian mainland and have settled, with my husband,  in the Blue Mountains, NSW. 


I operate my clinic from my home in Katoomba. I am an avid gardener and in the warmer months the path that leads to the front door runs through a sea of colourful, fragrant flowers.

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What isTranspersonal Psychology?

Transpersonal therapy helps you to reconnect with your inner Being. The Transpersonal acknowledges that you are more than just your personality and desires, you are multi-dimensional in nature. It helps you to turn your gaze from the outside world towards your inner world.  A session at Inner Room Counselling gives you the time, within a safe space, to be truly heard and to delve into the deeper regions of your psyche, in order to initiate real change in your life.  Often it is difficult for us to see beyond our story and yet it is our unexplored story that keeps us repeating old patterns.


In order to change you need to access the parts of ourselves that are usually hidden. Your habits and behaviours are entrenched and and in order to truly change you need to become aware of what is driving you from below the surface of your conscious mind. But how do you access these hidden parts of yourself? 


Transpersonal psychology gives us extraordinary and  powerful tools, such as Sandplay and Voice Dialogue, that help you to safely discover the inner forces that control your behaviour. We can endlessly talk about our problems and conflicts but having an understanding of them does not mean that you can change. It is necessary to dig deeper. Transpersonal therapy allows you to safely access and navigate through deeper regions of your psyche, beyond your story, and make astounding discoveries about yourself that lead to positive, transformative change. 

What is Sandplay Therapy?

In 1925 an English paediatrician called Margaret Lowenfeld developed the use of miniature figurines in a sandtray to work with children. After attending her workshops, a Swiss Jungian analyst, Dora Kalff, developed Lowenfeld's "World Technique" into what we now call  Sandplay.


Sandplay is a powerful and deep therapy tool that allows you to see what is usually hidden in your subconscious world. Choosing from a large collection of miniature figurines and symbols, (representing aspects of the physical, mythical and archetypal worlds), the client creates a scene within a tray of sand. The creation of the scene is a healing process in and of itself. The supportive presence of the therapist allows you to drop below the level of thinking-mind and express yourself from a deeper and more authentic place. The Sandplay helps you to gain insight into yourself, into what drives you, what inhibits you, what supports you, and so on. It is a space and a place for the client's inner world to reveal itself.


"As a plant produces its flower, so the psyche creates its symbols".

                                                                 -Carl Jung

Sandplay is a process of discovery in which the therapist’s job is to create a safe and supportive environment in which the client feels free and able to express and discover unexplored regions of their psyche. It is an invaluable, extraordinary and transformative experience to see your inner, hidden landscape expressed physically and symbolically within the sandtray!

Voice Dialogue

Voice Dialogue is a process that was developed by Hal & Sidra Stone.

It is a process that helps us to integrate the many different parts of the Self. We usually think of ourselves as a single individual unit, however, within that Self that we call "I"  there  exist many different parts, and these parts of ourselves all have their own needs and desires which are often in conflict with each otherHave you ever felt anxious and confused with no idea why? The process of Voice Dialogue allows us to better understand these different parts of ourselves and to integrate them so that they do not cause anxiety and problems in our lives. For a deeper understanding of the process please visit Hal & Sidra's website