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Grief + Illness

When you have a life-threatening illness, or are dealing with the loss, or potential loss, of a loved one, you may find yourself having to navigate through a labyrinth of emotions that are new and unexpected. It is difficult to sit with emotions such as fear, helplessness, anger, sadness and disappointment. At such a time it is important to feel supported and to have a safe space in which to express and explore your emotions. 

Illness or loss will effect your whole family. You will all be trying to manage your own emotions, whilst also trying to support each other. Therapeutic support at such a time can be invaluable for you, your family members, children and carers.  Loved ones may react with anger and sadness or become fearful and withdrawn. Others may appear helpful and cheerful, keeping their emotions concealed within. Understanding what you are experiencing at such at time, and having a private space to explore and release your feelings will certainly help support you on your journey.


Grief is experienced not just from the loss of a beloved person in our lives. You may be suffering from grief when you lose your job or retire. It may be moving house or losing a pet.  It may be due to a fractured relationship. You may feel grief from a disability in your body or from the loss of your youth. Whatever the situation grief can have a profound impact on our ability to feel joy and to live life to the fullest.

Grief can be insidious. You may feel that you have have recovered from a loss, but gradually recognise that things are not quite how they should be. Here at Inner Room Counselling you will find the space to express yourself and to discover and understand more clearly what you are experiencing. It is often useful to use the tools of Sandplay or Voice Dialogue to gently explore your feelings more deeply and discover the resources within you to help you to recover and become buoyant in your life once more.

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